ISO 9001 certified

Nordmark Maskinfabrik A/S, Nordmark Production A/S and Nordmark GmbH are certified according to ISO 9001:2015. The management system reflects the activities that create the products, and is a tool for the incremental improvements in machinery, equipment and processes.

Nevertheless, the quality is created by all employees of Nordmark, regardless of their position. These are the same employees who comply with agreements on a daily basis to ensure that Nordmark delivers high-quality and on-time components.

Machining is obviously the core of Nordmark’s operations, but with backup procedures in the quality department, we can demonstrate that we have the ability to process components, in the same way that we ensure that components are continuously checked and the resulting documentation is gathered for the customer.


Documentation ‘before’ startup

Our customers focus highly on precision, quality and guaranteed delivery, which is why the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is often required. PPAP is documentation aimed at the customer to demonstrate our ability to process and deliver the desired workpiece in accordance with the specified requirements.

The leading Danish actors in the wind industry have come together to produce their own template for PPAP. This is called APQP4WIND. Nordmark took part in specialist training and are therefore trained in APQP4WIND and we have already delivered more PPAPs following this template. We master disciplines, such as:

  • Dimension control
  • Control plans
  • FMEA
  • MSA
  • Process capability


During machining, the operator performs control measurements on the most critical features applicable to the process. We have electronic systems for data collection and therefore it is easy for us to continuously monitor developments. Based on this approach, machines and tools are optimised so we always lie well within the customer's requirements.

All measurements are made with precision equipment that is subject to continuous calibration of accredited independent calibration institution. By using modern technology, methods and equipment with a resolution of up to 0.0001 mm, we can control our manufacturing with great precision.


Quality control

When the workpiece is fully processed, quality control technicians carry out a final inspection. Laser trackers are used to carry out measurements and to check the features that cannot be documented with a manual measurement tool.

In addition to checking the dimensions, a magnet test (MT) is also required for many components to test processed surfaces. For this, Nordmark uses an external company which is permanently attached to our factories.

Before the workpiece leaves Nordmark, it is visually inspected by the quality control technicians or external NDT company.


As-built documentation

As-built documentation is the customer’s requested documentation for the workpiece. Documentation requirements have been sharply tightened in recent years. The requirements depend on whether Nordmark is tier one or tier two, but we handle both situations. In this regard, we often depend on documentation from our sub-suppliers, but since our working relationship is extremely good all our sub-suppliers have kept track of the development in cooperation with Nordmark.