CNC machining of large components for the wind industry


Nordmark Maskinfabrik was founded in the year 2002 with the aim of providing flexibility for the machine industry in Denmark and Europe.

Initially, the goal was to establish a reputable, trustworthy and solid sub-supplier company that combined the latest technology with traditional craftsmanship.

With factories in Sæby, Skagen, Hedensted and Cuxhaven is Nordmark one of the largest suppliers in the market specialising in the machining of large-scale components, i.e. everything from the machine and heavy industries to offshore activities and the wind power industry.


Ongoing investment in technology development and capacity

Our three factories in Jutland currently employ more than 120 people, and we have in 2018 started up our operations in the new factory in Cuxhaven in Germany. All of Nordmark’s employees possess great professional skills and are specialists within their field of expertise.


Due to Nordmark’s unique insight and expertise with 3D CNC machining processes, the company is an experienced provider of challenging prototypes and a strong, proficient consultant in connection with the design, development and CNC machining of complex components.

Nordmark continuously invests in new state of the art technological tools, which are necessary to keep up with technological developments. Nevertheless, our continued growth is just as much due to the old artisan traditions that the machining process is built around.

Nordmark combines the latest technology with classic artisan traditions and the know-how of our skilled employees, whilst maintaining an overarching goal to live up to our customers’ requirements and expectations of high quality.

You can read about Nordmarks vision, mission and values below.


Our vision is to become the preferred and largest supplier of large-scale, heavy CNC machined components in Denmark. We want to be recognized as a globally-oriented partner that takes pride in providing the optimum combination of manufacturing and service.



To provide a quality-integrated total service to satisfy our customers, we offer flexible manufacturing supported by a professional workforce. We always strive to ensure that our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the most modern technology, and we are constantly working to improve manufacturing in an innovative and efficient way. We provide all our services to the industry's best standards by consistently focusing on quality, safety and environmental responsibility.



The company has four core values, which form the fundamental elements in our decision-making processes and are the basis for how we run our business. We believe that these common values will enable us to deliver the best service to our customers, whilst fulfilling the requirements of good governance.

  1. Competence:
    We supply products and services of the highest quality by working with the most modern machinery combined with highly qualified staff who are continually learning and developing to improve their skills. We are committed to efficiency during all corporate activities, including the development of components and delivery of total solutions.
  2. Quality:
    We emphasize quality in both manufacturing and customer service. Quality is never compromised. Therefore, we aim to ensure the highest standards, i.e. from operator control to in-house quality control by our quality assurance department.
  3. Reliability:
    For the Nordmark Group, reliability means that we fulfil all our contracts. We focus on customer satisfaction and timely deliveries with the highest quality. Our businesses are growing and they are financially well-established with a good reputation.
  4. Social responsibility:
    We motivate our employees by putting our trust in them - to do the right thing and to make a difference. We work in a way so that our employees and business partners can be assured that health and safety are highly prioritised by the companies.