Privacy Policy


Nordmark is the data controller with regard to any personal information about you that we process. We make sure that your information is processed in compliance with the law.

We take data protection seriously. To inform you of how we process your personal information, we have adopted this privacy policy.

Contact information

If you wish to get in touch with us about our processing of your personal information, you can get hold of us at:  


Kjeldgaardsvej 10, 9300 Sæby

Phone: 98469800

Processing of Personal Information


Personal information are all types of information that relate to an identifiable person. This privacy policy describes how Nordmark processes your information. We will only process information about you when necessary and for a specific purpose. We will always process your information confidentially.


Data protection

We have implemented suitable technical and organisational measures to prevent your data from being accidentally or unlawfully deleted, publicised, lost, corrupted, leaked, or misused. We ensure that processing only takes place in adherence with all the principles of data protection.

We keep data up-to-date

As our services depend on our information about you being accurate, we ask that you keep us informed about relevant changes to your information. You can always make use of the contact information above to let us know about any changes. We will update your information accordingly. If we find out that the information about you is incorrect, we will update it and let you know.


Please see below, the legal basis upon which we process your information, for what purpose and for how long we retain it.



Website Visitors  

When you visit our website, we process the following personal information about you:


  • Cookies are used for the homepage to function.
  • Information given in the contact form (name and e-mail)


We process personal data about website visitors for the purpose of:


  • Optimising our website to user preferences
  • Facilitating contact with users at their request
  • Optimising the running of our website


We process the information on the following legal basis:


  • Consent has been given through our consent form and/or cookie banner, cf. GDPR art. 6(1)(a)
  • The legitimate interest of the enterprise, i.e., optimal administration of the website, cf. GDPR art. 6(1)(f).


Personal information on website visitors will be deleted as follows:


  • Statistical information is deleted in a year
  • Functional information is deleted at the end of the session
  • Marketing information is deleted within 3 months

Contact & Service

When you contact us by email, phone, contact form on our website, or by ordinary post, we process the following information about you:  

  • Your contact information as well as the contents of your message.


We process this information for the purpose of providing good service and for handling your inquiry.


We process the information on the following legal bases:


  • You have consented to our processing of your information (cf. GDPR art. 6(1)(a))
  • For the performance of providing service under a contract (cf. GDPR art. 6(1)(b))
  • Our legitimate interest in answering your questions and having a dialogue regarding what you need from us (cf. GDPR art. 6(1)(f))


We retain the information no longer than necessary for our purposes stated above. This is assessed individually for each inquiry based on its content and nature. We will continue to process your information for as long as our correspondence continues. Once correspondence is closed and requires no further action, your information will be deleted.


Provision of goods & services

When we contract to provide our goods/services to you, it is necessary for us to process some personal information about you. This is restricted to ordinary types of information, e.g., name and email for the purpose of delivering on our contract with you (cf. GDPR art. 6(1)(b))


Information collected for this purpose will be deleted once it is no longer necessary for delivering on the contract, unless there are specific reasons to store the information longer, e.g., a warranty period or the handling of complaints.


Information contained in bookkeeping/accounting materials will be retained for 5 years from the end of the accounting year in which the contract was fulfilled/paid. We are legally required to do so.


Social Media

When you like and/or follow us on Social Media, we process the following information about you:


  • Your name and the contents of messages you send us


The purpose of processing your information is to keep interested followers updated on everyday life at Nordmark.


We process the information on the following legal basis:


  • Our interest in marketing as well as in improvement of our page and products (cf. GDPR art. 6(1)(f))


We have joint controllership with LinkedIn with regards to personal information collected about you when you visit our LinkedIn company page. This means that we must delegate and establish responsibility for your information between LinkedIn and ourselves as regards to ensuring compliance with data protection legislation.


You can find our agreement on joint controllership here:


If you do not have a LinkedIn-profile, information collected about you includes: your unit, location/geodata and information about your activity on LinkedIn and other websites.

If you do have a profile on LinkedIn, information collected about you will also include: information you consented to being collected when you registered your user profile, such as reactions, comments and shares by you and others.  


We only receive the information that you send us yourself, e.g., in a comment, a like, or a message. Beyond that, we receive anonymous, statistical information about user engagement from LinkedIn, via the functionality called LinkedIn Page Analytics.


If you wish to have your information deleted with LinkedIn, you must delete your LinkedIn profile. If you delete your profile, it means that your own posts, pictures, and information will be deleted. If you have questions for LinkedIn Page Analytics, please contact LinkedIn directly.  

Facebook & Instagram

We have joint controllership with Meta with regards to the personal information collected about you, when you visit our Facebook and/or Instagram company pages. This means that we must delegate and establish responsibility for your information between Meta and ourselves as regards to ensuring compliance with data protection legislation.  


You can find our agreement on joint controllership here:


Meta uses Insights on Facebook /Instagram to collect statistics on user activity on the page, among the information collected are: age, gender, relationship status, work, lifestyle, interests, purchases and geolocation. For this purpose, Meta places cookies on your unit, when you visit Facebook / Instagram. Every cookie contains a unique identifier, which stays active for 2 years unless deleted prior to that date. Meta collects, processes and saves your personal information with these cookies. We receive aggregated results of the information.


You can read more about Facebook/Instagram’s useofcookies here:  and here: Politik om cookies | Hjælp til Instagram


We do not pass on any of the information about you that we receive from Meta. Meta may provide your information to third parties. You can read more about this in their Privacy Policy.   


If you wish to erase your cookies, you can see how in our Cookie-banner, or you can contact Meta.  


Meta will process information about you, even if you have no Facebook account. You can read more on that in their Privacy Policy here: Meta’s policy on protection of personal information  – How Meta processes and uses Meta userdata



If you apply for a position with us, we will process the information you supply in your application, CV and any other attached documents. We do not need you to send us your CPR-/national ID-no.


The purpose of collecting information about you in the recruitment process is to evaluate, whether you are a suitable candidate for a position with us.

We process your information based on the following legal bases:


  • Our legitimate interest in assessing your qualifications, (cf. GDPR art. 6(1)(f))


If you send us special categories of personal information, we will process them on the following legal basis:


  • Public authorities in DK: to enable us to make a decision about recruitment, and possibly ensure compliance with our duty to document all processes, as decisions to hire are decisions under “Forvaltningsloven”, (cf. GDPR art. 6(1)(e) and art. 9(2)(f))


We retain your application, including attachments, for up to 12 months after the recruitment process has ended, after which your information will be deleted. The purpose of the retention beyond the end of the process is to safeguard our interests in case of complaints of discrimination, etc. during the recruitment process.


We retain unsolicited applications, including attachments, for up to 6 months after which they are deleted. If we wish to retain your application for longer than that, we will request your consent to do so.


If we find your application relevant for a possible future position, we will retain it only if acquiring your consent (cf. GDPR art. 6(1)(a)).

Transfer of your information

We use third parties to store and process information. When we use data processors, we make sure to have data processing agreements in place. Thus, they will only process your information on our behalf and will not use the information for their own purposes.


We prioritize data processors from within the EU with regards to an adequate level of protection of personal data, cf. GDPR art. 45. 


When relevant, your information may be disclosed to other data controllers, e.g. banks.


Your rights

By contacting us at the contact point at the top, you may:


  • Gain insight into the personal information we have about you
  • rectify any erroneous personal information
  • have your personal information erased
  • have the processing of your personal information restricted
  • receive a copy of your personal information (data portability) for the purpose of moving it to another data controller
  • object to the processing


When you give us your consent for processing, it is voluntary. It will have no consequences for you, if you do not consent, only consent to certain elements, or later withdraw your consent.


Withdrawal of consent can be done at any time to the contact point at the top of the page.


When you contact us, requesting to exercise your abovementioned rights, we will respond within one month. If we cannot honour your request, you will receive an explanation as to why.  


In order to exercise your rights, or if you have questions about our processing of your information, you can always contact us. Our contact information is at the top.  


If, after having been in touch, you are dissatisfied with how we process your information, you have the right to file a complaint with Datatilsynet.