Brand revitalization at Nordmark



At Nordmark we are happy to announce that Nordmark has recently undergone a brand revitalization, complete with a new logo and an updated website. Through a meticulous process we have worked towards creating an expression that aligns even closer with Nordmark's vision of collaboration with our customers, THE COLLABORATIVE WAY, and valuing knowledge as essential components for a sustainable future. Our new logo symbolizes our commitment to working together with our clients, working with precision and making ends meet. This rebranding effort demonstrates our dedication to continuous innovation and growth, allowing us to better serve our customers and meeting evolving requirements.


Together with our colleagues, we have evolved "the 5 C's" of Nordmark, pointing out the values that are most essential to us all at Nordmark. You can read more about our 5 C's at our website. We created them together and they are the key components towards our collective success and a huge part of who we are as people, as colleagues and as a partner to our customers.


It is our mission to help accelerate the green transition by acting as a strong and industry-leading partner, delivering CNC solutions for the wind turbines of the future.


Every component counts when you want to create a greener future.


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