Machining of large-scale component for R&D / Lindø Offshore Renewables Center

Nordmark is machining this large-scale component measuring Ø6500 x 2000, weighing 65 tonnes, for the company R&D. The component is for one of the world's largest and most advanced turbine test benches at Lindø Offshore Renewables Center (LORC), built by R&D, for Highly Accelerated Life-cycle Testing (HALT) of components for wind turbines up to 10 MW.


The test bench is an addition to Lindø Nacelle Testing, which is one of the largest indoor facilities for the testing of wind turbines in the Nordic countries. Among other things, the test centre houses a Function Tester capable of testing the entire wind turbine and the electrical system. The addition of the new HALT test bench enables wind turbine manufacturers to test the function and life-cycle of different wind turbines faster and better than ever before.