Nordmark acquires 100% of a Danish coating company

Skagen Overfladeteknik located in Sæby, Denmark, offering surface treatment of steel components, is now forming part of Nordmark Group. Nordmark invests in Skagen Overfladeteknik, which specializes in sandblasting, metallization, and coating of large components for wind turbines. With this acquisition, Nordmark ensures greater flexibility and improved service to all customers. Skagen Overfladeteknik, whose name will be changed to Nordmark Coating, has with its dedicated team and highly specialized employees, both the skills and logistical set-up to be able to offer service to Nordmark in a market with increasing demands. Demands are increasing, both when it comes to handling the size of the components and at the same time the increased demands in relation to customer-specific requirements. The acquisition will strengthen Nordmark’s position in a market that will have a strong growth in the near future.


“We have had a very positive dialogue with Skagen Overfladeteknik, and we are now looking forward to welcoming Skagen Overfladeteknik in our group of companies. With Skagen Overfladeteknik’s competencies in-house we are now even better prepared to meet the growing demand in the years to come”, says Morten Mørk, CEO of Nordmark Group.


Skagen Overfladeteknik is located in Sæby, Denmark, a few hundred meters from Nordmark’s facilities, and the production facilities have an indoor capacity of 3000 square meters, giving room for all sizes of steel elements. Skagen Overfladeteknik was founded in 2011 and has 14 employees, and its primary business is surface treatment of large steel components, primarily for the wind industry.