Nordmark has been awarded the price “Succes Company 2020”

Nordmark has been awarded the price “Succes Company 2020”! Nordmark was founded in 2002 with the aim of delivering high quality machined items to the industrial industry in Europe. With factories in Sæby, skagen, Hedensted and Cuxhaven, Nordmark is a total supplier for the heavy industry and a market leader when it comes to processing of large items for CNC machining for the offshore and wind industry and the heavy industry as such. The company’s three factories in Jutland currently employ more than 120 people. In 2018, machining of XL items started at the new factory in Cuxhaven, Germany. All employees at Nordmark possess great professional skills an are all specialists in each of their areas. Due to Nordmarks unique insight and expertise with the 3D machining process, the company is an experienced manufacturer of demanding prototypes, and a strong advisor when it comes to design and development in the field of CNC machining of complex items.


Nordmark continuously invests in new state-of-the-art technology, which is necessary to keep up with the technological development. But the lasting growths is just as much due to the classic craft traditions and know-how of their skilled employees. The company is very proud that BDO and Spar Nord Bank A/S have found them worthy of the award for this year’s succes.


The success award goes to companies that make a special contribution to growth, prosperity and success in the Danish business community. BDO and Spar Nord Bank describe that “The successful companies have demonstrated the greatest ability to deliver solid results and high growth year after year. They are pioneering companies that create development locally and in the Danish business community. On 19 October 2020, BDO and Spar Nord Bank visited Nordmark in Sæby to present the award to the owners, CEO Morten Mørk and Production Manager Michael Jacobsen. Read more about the award and the selection criteria at