Shaping change, one component at a time.

Nordmark has CNC-machined this XXL component for the company R&D Test Systems - making use of Nordmark's lifting capacity up to 100 tonnes.

Based on our knowhow and experience with 3D CNC machining processes, and as an experienced global provider of challenging prototypes, Nordmark was the chosen partner for the machining and handling of the XXL component. This specific component will form part of test equipment for a test bench for the wind industry.

Nordmark is using cutting-edge CAD/CAM technologies together with Digital Twins of our machines to ensure product quality and complete process safety for our customers.

To deliver the best outcome for our clients, we rely on leading CAM tool solutions that enable efficient and precise programming of our CNC machines, ensuring exceptional quality and cost-cutting consistency.

At the photo Nordmark's Michael Jacobsen is finishing the last details before the XXL component weighing approximately 70 tonnes will be shipped to its final destination.